Our approach

When you contact us, you can expect a rapid initial assessment of whether there’s a match between Capital Mills and your company: the screening phase.

Depending on whether you are seeking RBF or equity growth financing, we work systematically according to a step-by-step plan.

Equity growth financing

If we establish during the screening that you might qualify for an investment, then we’ll move on to the next phase. During this phase we will examine your business, working closely with you and getting to know you each other better. Usually this phase takes no more than 3 weeks.

After that, we’ll agree on the arrangements for our partnership and submit it to our investment committee, whose approval will be required.

Following approval, we will begin due diligence and work with you to develop a business plan for the next 12 to 18 months.

Once we have obtained definitive approval from our investment committee, we will get to work on the participation agreement and our long-term partnership can begin.

Revenue-based financing

The first three phrases of RBF are much the same as the process for securing equity growth financing. The feasibility of an RBF investment will depend on your business plan, so we’ll need to understand it clearly. If our examination of that plan results in a positive outcome, we will present an RBF proposal to you. An RBF proposal is much simpler than an equity term sheet. The key points on which agreement is required are the repayment cap, the percentage of monthly revenue payable to Capital Mills and the repayment term.

The great advantages of RBF for early stage investments become clear in the next steps, which can be completed much more quickly. Due diligence is simpler and concentrates on the financial analysis. We want to be sure that your company’s repayment capacity is sufficient and that RBF will make a positive contribution to your growth. The contracts are standardised and only a fraction of the size of those for equity growth financing. That’s because Capital Mills won’t become a shareholder, so there is no need to conclude a purchase agreement for shares or to conclude or amend any shareholder agreements.

In order to expedite the process, we would ask you to carefully examine our investment criteria. te kijken.

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