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Since being founded more than 4 years ago, Capital Mills has made a successful entrance onto the Dutch venture capital market. As a result, we can boast an impressive portfolio of high-performing companies, a fascinating mix of investors, an expert investment team and a highly lucrative deal flow. Our deal flow is sufficiently high to allow us to expand our group of investors. Our rules for investors, like all of our terms and conditions, are transparent and fair to everyone concerned.


Capital Mills is comprised of a network of investors and a professional investment team that manages investments on behalf of the network. These management activities include sourcing, due diligence, deal structuring, governance and exit negotiations.

Business Angels tend to concentrate on the ‘seed capital’ phase, a phase in which startups often have only limited traction and revenue. However, Capital Mills focuses on the subsequent phases, starting from the ‘early stage’. In this phase Capital Mills invests in companies with a clear and feasible plan to achieve growth (at home or abroad) through technological innovation. Our focus is on companies with an ARR of approximately €1 million or more. We take an active role, often in the form of a board position, in which we provide management support in relation to organisational and software development, market penetration, internationalisation as well as developing a sustainable competitive edge.


Capital Mills only accepts serious investors. The process consists of two steps. The first is to sign an NDA and a short contract, which does not place you under any obligation to actually make investments. Once you have completed this step, you will enjoy access to the Capital Mills deal flow and to monthly lunch meetings. You will also receive a fortnightly newsletter. If you are sufficiently interested in a proposition and want to invest, then you will need to complete the second step, which involves registering through a second agreement. In that case we will require further information from you (UBO etc). This amended procedure will allow you to participate in our network free of charge and decide whether you are interested in particular investments on a deal-by-deal basis.

Deal-by-deal, not an investment fund

Unlike other Dutch funds, Capital Mills is not an investment fund. Investors don’t pay into a fund without having any further say in the matter. Instead, Capital Mills investors can decide on a deal-by-deal basis whether or not to invest in a company and, if so, how much.

Investors receive an extensive analysis and detailed growth plans, enabling them to reach a carefully considered decision on whether or not to invest, if necessary in consultation with fellow investors in the network. A consortium is established for each investment, so that the investment can be made on a joint basis. The investment team will manage the investment, and investors simply pay a fee based on the amount that they invest. Capital Mills may invest between €500K and €3 million in individual companies until exit.

Why does joining Capital Mills make good sense?

  • A meticulously researched, proactive selection of companies
  • Experienced investment team
  • Intensive due diligence
  • Our knowledge of SaaS and internet growth strategies
  • The knowledge of our group of investors
  • Good portfolio diversification

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