Growth capital for early stage Saas and internet companies

A fresh approach

Equity growth financing (EGF)

If your company has product-market fit and needs capital to start upscaling:

  • We can provide an investment to help your company grow further, in exchange for shares;
  • We will actively help you achieve your growth plans;
  • We’ll only take a minority holding, leaving you in control of your company;
  • Our investment can range from €500K to €1.5 million.

Revenue-Based Financing (RBF)

If your company’s cashflow is positive (or moving in that direction) but is insufficient to fund your growth:

  • We can provide a loan that you repay to us on the basis of future revenue;
  • In this case we won’t take a stake in your company;
  • There’s no need for you to provide any personal guarantees;
  • The loan can be for up to 40% of your revenue or 4xMRR (monthly recurring revenue).

The Capital Mills philosophy:

A smarter way to finance your cloud strategy.

Risk capital from investors can be valuable, but it’s also expensive. And like anything of value, you need to handle it with care. We believe that capital needs to be a good fit for a company and its business plan, not the other way around. A company shouldn’t have too much capital or too little. Some companies need equity, whereas borrowed capital works best for others.

And once you’ve got investors on board, you expect them to cooperate harmoniously and make a contribution. We offer an experienced network of enterprising investors with extensive knowledge of the internet and software.

Over the past few years we have enjoyed worked in partnership with the following wonderful entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their growth ambitions, and these partnerships continue to this day.

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How Convious views our partnership:

‘Our partnership with Capital Mills has been excellent right from the outset. Their hands-on support, network and knowledge have made a major contribution to the fast development of our business.’

– Camiel Kraan, CEO of Convious

How Mopinion fulfilled its growth plans:

‘Organic growth is fine, but it can be too slow, particularly if you see a fantastic opportunity for rapid upscaling. You need funds to seize those opportunities, though. We received an investment from Capital Mills in the form of Equity Financing and it helped us enormously in achieving our ambitions.’

– Udesh Jadnanansing, CEO of Mopinion

Contact information

We are always keen to talk to entrepreneurs who are looking for capital, provided that their financing needs match our investment focus. It’s easy to check whether that’s the case by visiting our page on growth financing. We are also happy to talk to investors who would be interested in joining Capital Mills. For more details, see our page for Investors.

Fill in the contact form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email us at

Capital Mills is based in the historic building ‘De Pastorie’ at Haarstraat 25, 4201 JA Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

Limited parking space is available in front of the building. Otherwise there is always space available in the ‘Kweeklust’ car park situated 200 metres from our office.

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