Our approach

Anyone who contacts us can count on a rapid initial opinion on the match between Capital Mills and the business concerned: the screening phase. 
If we see opportunities, we will share all relevant information and do our research. We know your business but will make sure we will get to know your team and the company even better. After that we will negotiate how to structure the deal and get a conditional approval from our Investment Committee.

When approved we will start the due diligence of your company and work on the 12 month plan that we both need to agree upon.

Once we get the final approval from our investment committee we will work towards the participation agreement and start our long-term cooperation with you.

Normally, this process takes place in a time frame of 1 to 3 months. However, we can quickly switch if the need or opportunity arises.

To speed up your application, please fully familiarise yourself with our criteria as stated in our investment focus. If we have a match, then we ask you to supply us with an investment memorandum or business plan.