• Capital Mills has acquired an interest in Presspage.

    PressPage provides a SaaS PR platform with additional services for creation of advanced social newsrooms, virtual press centers and online media hubs. Its technology enables brands to publish and distribute rich content and provides direct insights into the results. PressPage empowers PR professionals by adding efficiency and effectiveness to their daily work routine.

    With offices in Chicago and Amsterdam, PressPage services over 300 customers worldwide. Notable brands include Mercedes-Benz, TransUnion, Hershey’s and T-Mobile. The fastest growing markets are the United States and Germany.

    Presspage will use the investment to expand their commercial teams and accelerate their growth.



  • Capital Mills has acquired an interest in Mopinion.

    Mopinion is an innovative reporting platform for feedback from websites and apps. The company offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for organizations to improve their websites and apps on the basis of feedback they receive from customers. The software enables organizations to gain real-time insight into how customers experience their digital channels and what actions they need to take to retain customers.

    The growth capital will enable Mopinion to accelerate the further development of its technology and to roll it out in other European countries and the USA. Mopinion provides services to customers in the high-end SME market and major national and international players such as Microsoft, BMW, TomTom and Interpolis.



  • Capital Mills has acquired an interest in DrKinetic.

    DrKinetic provides physiotherapists, rehabilitation centers and hospitals, a medical system in which the patient is given the opportunity to improve his own physical condition through training software. The training software is developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and scientists and is used in more than 100 locations on five continents.




  •  Capital Mills has acquired an interest in Tiqets.

    Tiqets is an innovative ticketing platform that is revolutionizing the way visitors discover, buy and use tickets for museums, shows and attractions. With instant and mobile tickets, the company is providing travelers with hassle-free entrance. Since its founding, the company has successfully connected the largest venues of the main tourist destinations.



  • Together with our partner B-to-V, Capital mills has acquired an interest in Zipjet. Zipjet provides on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. The company is founded by Rocket Internet and offers an internet platform enabling online reserving 30 minutes time slots for the pick up and delivery of laundry at competitive prices. On a city by city basis, operations are organized to execute on the services. The actual dry cleaning is outsourced, logistics & customer contacts are delivered through local subsidiairies.

24/7 fitness

    SNAP logo
  • Capital Mills has acquired an interest in Snap Fitness 24/7 Benelux. Together with fitness entrepreneurs Han Walet and Theo Vermeeren, dozens of Snap 24/7 locations will be opened in the Benelux countries in the coming years.
    Their fitness formula distinguishes itself from other fitness concepts on the basis of:

    convenience (in the neighbourhood and always open);
    security (using high-tech security systems);
    effectiveness (good quality equipment and coaching);
    atmosphere (small-scale and friendly clubs).

    Snap Fitness 24/7 Benelux is part of the worldwide Snap Fitness licence, one of the largest 24/7 fitness franchise formulas, with over 2,000 clubs in 18 countries.



    Logo CE-Tech
  • Capital Mills has acquired an interest in CE Tech Invest BV, a very early-stage investment fund that focuses on Internet tech startups from Europe, USA and Asia. Startups who qualifies will be disruptive, scalable and technologically leading. CE -Tech acquires a share when the startup has a proof of concept and a solid team to carry out the plans. In the portfolio of CE -Tech are among others Presspage, Wercker, Karma, DrKinetic, CapitalMatch, Fonolo and Human.