We really would like to receive the company profile of your company and look into your plans. Because we receive a lot of applications per year, we have automated the application process by introducing a short questionary that will help us during the selection process.

Before you fill in the questionary, please take a close look at the criteria we mentioned on the Investmentfocus page. If you can tick all of these boxes (a true match) please submit your profile by answering below questions:

1. Nice to meet you, what is your name?

2. Which e-mail address should we use to contact you?

3. On what number can we give you a call?

4. What is the name of your company?

5. What is the location of your company?

6. What is the URL of your company?

7. How would you describe your company?

8. How much revenue did you make last year?

9. How much revenue has been estimated for this year?

10. How much funding are you looking for?

11. What is the indicative valuation of 100% of the shares?

12. What type of investment are you looking for?

13. Please provide a link to your slide deck.

14. Some relevant information you want to share with us before we decide to reach out to you?