Capital Mills takes an interest in Snap Fitness 24/7

Recently, Capital Mills, a Dutch Venture Capitalist, acquired a stake in the Benelux activities of Snap Fitness 24/7. This originally American fitness formula with more than 2,000 locations, will make its entry into the Benelux by opening dozens of new fitness centers in the next couple of years. The Snap 24/7 formula stands out from other fitness formulas by convenience (near by and always open), Security (high tech security), effectiveness (best equipment and supervision) and a great feeling of security (small clubs). This formula brings global healthy living by moving close to residential areas.


Gijs den Hartog, a partner at Capital Mills: “This investment fits perfectly into the strategy of Capital Mills which in particular is focused on Healthy Living supported by IT. We consider these developments to be one of the mega-trends for the next decades and it fits seamlessly with the knowledge and experience of the partners and entrepreneurs who form the core of Capital Mills. ” In the coming months Capital Mills expects to make various investments in this area.