About us


Capital Mills is a financial holding company, venture capitalist and network of investors. We work together because we believe in the power of sharing: of knowledge, experience and network. We offer real added value to the companies in which we invest because our investors, experienced entrepreneurs, are involved in the investment management and are sparring partners for the entrepreneur.
Capital Mills is built on four pillars:

Committed investors

A group of highly involved investors assists the entrepreneur with capital, knowledge and experience. Not like the classic angel investor, but as part of a concept that couples the tailoring of the informal with the power of a professional investment company.


The Investors and Capital Mills, together with institutional investors, form an investment fund that is used for joint investments. Thus, the strength is increased and the spread of investors’ individual portfolios is promoted.

Capital Mills team

The management of Capital Mills, together with a small team, takes care of the operational management, including the deal flow and reporting. In cooperation with the Investors, the team takes care of the entire investment management.


An exclusive strategic alliance with B-to-V Private Investments AG, a network of investors concentrated in the German-speaking area, very experienced as Venture Capitalists, which provides Capital Mills access to unique propositions that normally remain beyond the reach of informals in the Netherlands.